Nocte Obducta

August / September 2015

Atheist – "Unquestionable Presence"
At The Gates – "At War with Reality"
Eric Clapton – "24 Nights"
Cynic – "Focus"
Entombed – "Left Hand Path"
Fleurety – "Min Tid skal kømme"
Genesis – "Nursery Cryme"
In The Woods ... – "Strange in Stereo"
Katatonia – "Discouraged Ones" / "Night is the new Day"
Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan – "In Session"
Manes – "Under ein blodraud Maane"
Tribulation – "The Children of the Night"

Bathory – "Hammerheart"
Candlemass – "Tales of Creation"
Melechesh – "Enki"
My Dying Bride – "And my Father left Forever" (Track)
Naglfar – "Téras"
Necros Christos – "Doom of the Occult"
Path of Samsara – "The Fiery Hand"
Sulphur Aeon – "Swallowed by the Ocean‘s Tide"
The Devil's Blood – "The Time of no Time Evermore"

Ancestors – "In Dreams And Time"
Angantyr – "Forvist"
Bintang – "Bir"
Bitburger – "Premium Pils"
Celeste – alles
Pink Floyd – "The Endless River"
Samsara Blues Experiment – "Long Distance River"
Scheisse Minelli – "The Fight Against Reality"
Solstafir – "Goddess of the Ages" (Track)
Swan Messiah – "Drone Alone"
Swans – "To Be Kind"
Ultraphallus – "Sowberry Hagan"