Nocte Obducta

Februar 2013 / März 2013

Alice In Chains — "Dirt"
Enslaved — "Vikingligr Veldi"
Lake Of Tears — "Crimson Cosmos"
Man — "Maximum Darkness"
O.S.I. — "Office of strategic Influence"
Pestilence — "Spheres"
Tiamat — "The astral Sleep"
Type 0 Negative — "The Origin of the Feces"
Winter — "Into Darkness"

Downfall Of Gaia — "Suffocating In the Swarm of Cranes"
El Doom & The Born Electric — "same"
In the Hearts Of Emperors — "Reka"
Jungbluth — "same"
Kvelertak — "Meir"
Lich. — "resurrectionists"
O — "Black Sea of Trees"
Schneller Autos Organisation — "Zwei im Sinn" (Track)

Auaesuve — "The Benighted Era of the New Age" (Track)
The Austrasian Goat — "Paved Intensions"
Black Shape Of Nexus — "Negative Black"
Current 93 — "Thunder Perfect Mind"
Herder — "Herder"
Hope Drone — "Hope Drone"
Ocean Chief — "Sten"
Rorcal — "Vilagvege"
Sannhet — "Known Flood"
Skagos — "Ast"

Darkthrone — "Transilvanian Hunger"
Fields Of The Nephilim — "Earth Inferno"
Marduk — "Scorched Earth" (Track)
The Sisters Of Mercy — "Some Girls wander by Mistake"
TotemonD — "Honigtraum" (Track)


Neurosis — "The eye of every storm"
Don Caballero — "What burns never return"
Sarg — "Slow revenge"
Lattekohlertor — "Ich winke"
Black Shape Of Nexus — "Negative black"
Oma Hans — "Peggy"
Hot Water Music — "Fuel for the hate game"
The Goats — "Tricks of the shade"