Nocte Obducta

April 2014 / Mai 2014

Rabih Abou–Khalil – "Yara"
The Drones – "Wait long by the River and the Bodies of your Enemies will float by"
Fäulnis – "Snuff // Hiroshima"
Giant Squid – "Metridium Fields"
Mercyful Fate – "Don't break the Oath"
The Misfits – diverses
Terrorizer – "World Downfall"
Tiamat – "Clouds"

Anathema – "Alternative 4"
Dissection – "Storm of the Lights Bane"
Light Bearer – "Lapsus"
Myyths – "Tystnad"
Sun Worship – "Elder Giants"
Watain – "Lawless Darkness"
Wovenhand – "The Laughing Stalk"

Alenda – "Mermaids"
Catapult the Dead – "All Is Sorrow"
Irkallian Oracle – "Grave Ekstasis"
Landskap – "I"
Long Distance Calling – "The Flood Inside"
Monument Of Urns – "Blaspheme"
Solstafir – "Svartir Sandar"
Voltron Р"Pittiplatsch Anoraknarök" (Track)
Woe – "Withdrawal"
Yhdarl – "Ave Maria"

Brian Jonestown Massacre – "You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up" (Track)
Calva Y Nada – diverses
Fields of the Nephilim – "Earth Inferno"
Gorgoroth – "Carving a Giant" (Track)
Harakiri for the Sky – "Aokigahara"
Katatonia – "Viva Emptiness"
Katatonia – "The Great Cold Distance"
Kvelertak – "Kvelertak"
Neaera – "Spearheading the spawn" (Track)
Pink Floyd – "Pulse"
Portugal.The Man – "Evil Friends"
The Sisters of Mercy – "Black Planet (Live–Bootleg)"
The Sisters of Mercy – "Floodland"

A Perfect Circle – Passive (Track)
Brian Jonestown Massacre – "You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up" (Track)
Satyricon – "Rebel Extravaganza"
Saturnus – diverses
Social Distortion – White Light, White Heat, White Trash
The Cure – Burn (Track)
The Pirate Ship Quintet – The Pirate Ship Quintet
Vast – diverses